Events for La semaine nationale des langues 

saturday April 1st,  2023: 

l'Arawak au Gosier -  6:30 p.m.

BIG ROCK,  King of the Rock   is set in Saint Martin but takes us  all over   the Caribbean and even  further. We  also get to talk about teenage love, communion with  nature and,  what  LA SEMAINE DES LANGUES  has  got  to do with it. in keeping with his long term combat, Robert ROMNEY shows  in this novel  how the language of Saint Martin can incorporate  aesthetics and literary requirements without opposing or being in  conflict with the so-called standard , refined language, and deserves recognition. Suffice to say we will discuss cultural diversity, bilingualism, multilingualism, all against the backdrop of a beautiful love story. Mr. Inspector will be  in the hot seat. A beautiful evening awaits !


Good bye Russell BANKS and Again Thank you!

American writer Russell BANKS  who had visited us in Guadeloupe in 2013 passed away on saturday 7 january 2023 at the age of 82.

At the International Symposium of the Writers in of the Caribbean which took place in Guadeloupe and was presided over by our prominent Professor Roger TOUMSON, Russell BANKS  was the guest of honor.

From the conference proceedings  you can read and learn more about  what Russell Banks had to share with us.

Our Interview with Russel BANKS in 2013        Russell Banks, qu'avons nous appris de lui?


Black Livres Matter                      Livres coup de coeur

             Programme  2020 Du Club

wEDNESDAY  fEBRUARY 6TH , 2019         SWING TIME     presented by Lydie PHILBERT

Swing Time by Zadie Smith is a “ bildungsroman” which tells the life experiences  of two biracial girls from the working class area of London.  This virtuosic novel also offers a reflection on race, class, identity, gender, celebrity, all this with rhythm, humor, emotions.                                                                                        For my money, this presentation cannot be but a real treat, whether you have read the novel or not! 

Ce récit des expériences de vie  de deux jeunes filles métisses originaires d’un quartier populaire de Londres constitue  un roman d’apprentissage et de désillusion  qui propose également une réflexion sur le racisme, l’identité, le genre et la célébrité, avec beaucoup de rythme, d’humour et d’émotion, de quoi passer ensemble  un grand moment de littérature que vous ayez déjà  lu le roman ou pas.

Wednesday April 10th 2019  A BEND IN THE RIVER   presented by Elizabeth BUTCHER

A BEND in THE RIVER by VS. NAIPAUL, the story of the intricate experiences of
Indian Africans, Europeans , native Africans in a state of
postcolonial Africa...

Americanah   presented by Karine ANDY     June 12th, 2019 

Karine and Obi  ( himself Nigerian Canadian ) captivated the audience with their exchanges on i Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's Americanah which itells  us a powerful story about love, race,,  immigration or emigration,and resilience.
Ifemelu. and obinze experience love  separation, life  and Chimamanda uses her story talent to relate all this.

Un débat très animé autour du sujet de l'immigration  et des nouvelles revendications féministes..

lacs amers : rOGER tOUMSON
December 28th  At MACTe    At 6:30 Pm     A Presentation Of     LACS AMERS
In The Presence Of The Author  ROGER TOUMSON
He Enthralled Us With His Contributions At APAG's Talks.
 He Has  Allowed Us To Discover And Meet  Powerful Writers Such As Russell Banks 
 Or Dr Afua Cooper, Now We Are Going To See What  He Himself Tells Us In A Novel

Our Reading Club   June  15 Th, 2018     A Presentation By  Marie Claude Laulau


Marie-Claude LAULAU    And Fernand FORTUNÉ  Enthralled The Audience With Their Duet's Presentation Of This Love Story By Tanzanian Author Elieshi LEMA.
Marie Claude Shared Her In Depth Reading Generously And Fernand Fortuné The Author Of A French Version Of The Book Was Glad To Opine On Different Aspects  And Share His Experience As A Writer And Translator.
A Written Version Of Marie Claude's Presentation Of Parched Earth 


MARCH  7th, 2018

.Elizabeth BUTCHER  has liked this book written by young Jamaican writer (39 years old) and she has agreed to share her reading with us.

 On Wednesday March 7th, 2018 at La Mediathèque du Gosier  Elizabeth 's presentation prompted discussions on  FREEDOM  achieved , Freedom denied,  conflict with the establishment, the seemingly intractable issue of Identity Conflicts.  By cutting off the dreadlocks of the young Rasta the teacher representing the establishment ignored the sacredness of this element in this communuty's iidentity, creating an autoclaps, a trouble harbinger to more trouble to come . As one  of human fundamental  needs can identity be denied or threatened with impunity ?

Elizabeth wanted it to be interactive and lively  and it was indeed!

"The poet’s new novel dramatises the country’s history in a book with the feel of a ticking bomb." The Guardian commented

Indeed the story of Bedward,
 one of the most successful preachers of Jamaican Revivalism.
is at the centre of Augustown, a partially fictionalised version of August Town,  the same August Town making headline news these days in 2018 of the Jamaican Observer and the Gleaner.

 To order go to: ---  or         or call 0330 333 6846. or or

The Wine Of Astonishment

 by Earl Lovelace, the struggle in defense of the Africanisation of Christianity in Trinidad, from 1917

 Wednesday january  17th, 2018, 6:30 pm at la Médiathèque du Gosier, the presentation of Earl Lovelace's The Wine of Astonishment  by Sonia Catalan  triggered a lively debate  on religions  in the communities of African descent in the Caribbean , in the USA , in Guadeloupe and elsewhere , a debate reminiscent of   Tony Toumson's talk, two years ago,  on Religion Faith and Spirituality, in the african- american community: The Case of Martin Luther King jr.

But there is still a lot to say on the "Africanisation of christianity"  or "R-eAfricanisation of Chistianity"

A great moment for those who  didn't miss the event!

Sweetheart   Alecia Mc Kenzie

A most rewarding moment with Alecia McKenzie at Lewoz Café  Saturday April 29th , 2017
We exchanged on the characters in Sweetheart, the inspirations of the author, her country, JAMAICA, its similarities and differences with our country Guadeloupe, the similarities of the themes our wrtiters tackle. more


Because they loved the book Chantale MATHIEU and Karine SALCÈDE treated us to a lovely presentation. They managed to say enough to discuss with those who had read the book, enough to please those who had no time to read, enough to tease those who had not finished yet.

Thank you ladies.

We are looking forward to your next presentation.

A Lesson Before Dying
Ernest J. GAINES        Presented By Max REINETTE


Lecture  At Mémorial ACTe     
Slavery In Canada:   Women's Experience 
Dear Colleagues,  Dear Friends  
On Behalf O FAPAG Thank You   For Making Wednesday Evening At The Mémorial Acte A Real Success!
It Was Our Pleasure To Have Dr Afua Cooper 'S Performances In Art And History   And It Was Her Pleasure To Have  Us As An Audience.
We Thanked Her On Your Behalf And Again We Congratulate You And Thank You For This Fabulous Attendance! 
Bye Until We  Meet Again For An Amazing Moment Together

Talk:  January 14th,2016     with Tony TOUMSON
Religion, Faith ,Spirituality In The African- American Community: The Case Of Martin Luther King Jr.

A captivated audience followed Tony Toumson's talk on Religion Faith and Spirituality, the case of Martin Luther King jr.  It took place on Thursday January 14th a la Casa del Tango in Jarry.

Read the reports on this first  most powerful event of the year  as the Martin Luther King's Day  was observed for the 30th  time. ( A special Day voted in 1983 to be first observed in 1986)

Jazz session with GUY LUBETH

oH gad 


The Meaning of Freedom and other dialogues by Angela Davis and presented by Suzy ROCHE
May 15th, 2015

"The Meaning of Freedom and other dialogues" by Angela DAVIS was our  presentation   with Suzy ROCHE after "Oh Gad" with Karine SALCEDE on Friday February 20th  2015
Oh Gad article

This new bilingual  talk was held  on May 15th, as usual  at la Mediathèque du Gosier and once again the participants were happy they attended...

Read the notes for the presentation

The Meaning of Freedom,  a book to prompt and nourish our reflections and discussions on the interconnected issues of power, race, gender, class, incarceration, conservatism... freedom!

Read the notes of the presentation
In kindest partnership with   ASCODELA




A Langley Resort Fort Royal à Deshaies: Grand entretien de Russell Banks avec les membres de l'Association des professeurs d'anglais:

Suzy Roche, Antoine Toumson, Bernard Phipps, Guy Lubeth

Programme du CONGRES


Robert ROMNEY invites you to delve into the souls of the St Martin folk and discover what Creole English is all about.

ASCODELA  reading Club

The Ancestral Blessings of Toni Morrison and Paule Marshall.

Read more


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More to see and read about the event soon...

Club de lecture APAG- ASCODELA

 Programme   2015 -2016

Don't miss...

DETROIT released to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Algiers Motel incident during Detroit's 1967 12th Street Riot. The film was directed by Kathryn Bigelow and written by Mark Boa


The story of Richard and Mildred Loving who managed to invalidate state laws prohibiting interracial marriages...

Club de lecture

Quand le club de lecture de l'APAG se met en vacances il est bon de de garder le rythme en suivant avec des clubs amis comme celui de l'ASCODELA.


Hommage à
 Russell BANKS

 L'extrait des actes du IIe Congrès international de l 'Association des écrivains de la Caraïbe en Guadeloupe Russell BANKS : Interviews:      Click here